Thursday, January 15, 2015

How To Juggle Work And Family

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If you really believe that you can juggle work and family successfully you should realise that technically this is an impossibility! 

Here are some tips to make it easier: 


  • Go to sleep early, definitely before 10 pm. A fresh early morning start works wonders. That includes putting your mobile on silent until your wakeup alarm time, and not touching it as you read the news, scan your emails or watch a movie.  If you do you could find yourself losing valuable hours of sleep. 

  • Write a (long) list of things that have to be done in the family. They have to include cleaning in detail, being up at night with children, making lunches, cooking, shopping, taking children to activities, responsibility for bills, waking up children in the morning, putting them to sleep at night, showering them, feeding them, clothing and shoe shopping,  visits to doctors/dentists/baby health care, taking them to parties, collecting the mail, putting out the rubbish, laundry, visiting grandparents, holiday planning and the other thousand and one things that go into making a home. 

  • Sit down with your husband/partner and split the list up fairly. 

  • If the budget allows it bring in a cleaner as often as possible to take the load of both of you. If the budget does not review it carefully to see if there is waste anywhere. 

  • Prepare your work clothing before you go to sleep, and allow an extra fifteen minutes in the morning for yourself to dress and prepare yourself patiently. 

  • Have all schoolbags and work briefcases packed and ready to go near the front door. 

  • Train your older children to guide the younger ones, which includes dressing them in the morning, including them in teeth brushing sessions and making their own beds. Older children are very good at listening to younger ones read, and can often help them with their homework. 

  • There is no good reason to have things thrown around or left on the floor or on the kitchen bench. Children should be trained to put everything back where it belongs and to be responsible for their own clothes and dishes. Mothers are not slaves to pick up after their offspring. 

  • Try to find a job close to home to minimize transportation time to give you more hours in the day. 


  • Use the weekends to do as much as possible. 

  • Allocate part of your budget to bringing in a cleaner, even if it is only two hours a week. Trying to do it all by yourself can end up with you sick and possibly in hospital which can be a severe financial loss. Give the cleaner the hardest jobs, such as cleaning the cook top, the oven and scrubbing toilets.  Picking up scattered toys and clothes should be the children’s job, as is making their beds and hanging up their towels. The cleaner should concentrate on removing dirt, not on tidiness. 

  • If grandparents are available they may be prepared to help, even occasionally.  
            Remember that you are the first priority. 


  • If you are asked to stay after working hours explain to your boss about the importance of work-life balance and that your input and dedication to your work is more productive when you have this balance. 

  • Always request permission before using the work computer for private needs, using it only during your lunch break or after hours with consent. 

  •  Use technology to save time.  Call your children’s school and request a Skype interview with teachers instead of having to physically attend parent-teacher meetings.Use technology for paying bills, reminders and a host of other applications to save time. 

  • Discuss salary packages with administration which can be an effective way of minimizing tax.  The extra dollars can enable you and your family to have a well-earned holiday, employ a cleaner in the home or save towards a worthwhile purpose. 

  • Differentiate between home and work.  Work-mates may not appreciate your thrill about that first baby tooth or your son’s winning the hundred meters race.  You are at work to fulfill your role not to overwhelm people about your private life.  At work you are one person, and at home another.  In fact the two different roles can fulfill both your need for intellectual stimulation, different activities and the wonderful experience of building a home.

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